The Wedding is a SECRET . . .
    . . . so don't tell the Bride!!!!

That was the crux of Matt's crazy idea barely over 5 weeks before the event. Some of us were really excited. Some of us were not so sure. Even up to those last few hours prior to the ceremony on Saturday, December 5th, following the over-night grounding of the flight from Houston (snow in Houston?) carrying the parents and twin sister of the bride, we were holding our collective breaths.

Matt writes: (little over a week out)

"It's becoming harder and harder to keep the lies straight... Nina thinks she will be having a small friends wedding of 12 to 15 guests on Sunday the 6th so if she talks to you about it, now you know.. Act excited but slightly disappointed you will miss it!!!"

Mr. & Mrs. James Matthew Paddock

I believe we all found it kind of fun to lie when we had license and when it was for a good cause. What better cause is there than to finallly see the Paddocks and the Fontimayors joined together with the union of these two wonderful people.

Of course Nina's parents, Doris and Wilson, and her twin sister, Daisie, made it on time with at least a few minutes to spare, and the wedding went on with great success. Nina, of course, was, for at least a minute or two, left speechless when the surprise was sprung on her the night before the true wedding. If the power of her happiness could have been bottled, it would have been priceless.

Matt . . . you did well. We're proud of you!
Nina . . . welcome to the family!

Enough with the words. Here are the pictures.

Matt & Nina
Matt & Nina
David & Grace
Matt & Nina with her FamilyMatt & Nina with children
Matt & Nina with her parentsMatt & Nina with parents
Matt with both dadsNina with her sistersMatt & Nina with his dad and stepmomMatt with Dennis Herring
Nina with mothersMatt & NinaMatt & Nina with JenBack of Nina's Gown
Nina with her fatherMatt & Nina with Grandma VandervortMatt & Nina with Matt's MomMatt with his dad
The ring